VHF Band Plan

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Henderson County ARES VHF Channelization
Currently 24 VHF channels. Channel 5, 11, 16, 20 empty, for future expansion
Items marked with * changed September 2016
ChanConfigNameRX FreqRX ToneTX FreqTx ToneModeRemarks
V1Repeater WB4YAO146.640 MHz146.040 MHz91.5AHend Co.ARES
V2Repeater WA4KNI147.105 MHz147.705 MHz91.5AARES ALT #1
V3Repeater KJ4JAL-C147.255 MHz147.855 MHzDD-STAR
V4Repeater W4FOT/P146.710 MHz146.110 MHZ91.5A ARES Portable REPEATER
V6SimplexARES Talk 1146.710 MHz*146.710 MHzAARES Talk About Ch 1 VHF
V7SimplexARES Talk 2146.520 MHz146.520 MHzAARES Talk About Ch 2 VHF
V8SimplexARES Talk 3146.550 MHz146.550 MHzAARES Talk About Ch 3 VHF
V9SimplexAREA Talk 4146.580 MHz146.580 MHzAARES Talk About Ch 4 VHF
V10SimplexARES Talk 5146.640 MHz146.640 MHzAARES Talk About Ch 5 VHF
V12RepeaterWA4KNI145.270 MHz144.670 MHz91.5 *AR'Ford Co /PCRNetwk.
V13RepeaterKF4JVI145.330 MHz144.730 MHz91.5 * A Polk Co.
V14RepeaterW4MOE146.910 MHz146.310 MHz91.5 ABcmbe Co.
V15RepeaterK4HXZ147.135 MHz147.735 MHzATrnsylvnia Co.
V17RepeaterWA4BVW145.190 MHz144.590 MhzAMt Mitchell
V18RepeaterWA4BVW146.760 MHz146.160 MhzAMt Pisgah
V19RepeaterW4RCW147.285 MHz147.885 MHz67AWhite Oak Mtn.
V21APRS BCSTNC4HC-15144.390 MHz144.390 MHzDAPRS Simplex
V22Packet WANBRA145.010 MHz145.010 MHzDPacket Simplex
V23Packet NetSEDAN145.770 MHz145.770 MHzDPacket/Keybd.
V24Packet Net HVLBBS145.630 MHz145.630 MHzDPacket LAN/WL2K RMS