UHF Band Plan

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Standardized UHF Channelization

Henderson County ARES UHF Channel assignments
There are currently 13 channels. There are NO empty channels
Items marked with * were updated September 2016
ChanConfigNameRX FreqRX ToneTX FreqTx ToneModeRemarks
U31RepeaterWA4TOG442.450 MHz447.450 MHzD *Hendersonville WNC DMR *
U32RepeaterAG4AZ442.850 MHz447.850 MHzABrevard
U33RepeaterN4HRS *443.900 MHz *448.900 MHz *91.5 *A *Buncombe Co. *
U34RepeaterWA4KNI444.250 MHz449.250 MHz91.5 *ABearwallow
U35RepeaterNC4BS *442.9625 MHz *447.9625 MHz *D *DSTAR *
U36RepeaterKF4TLA443.275 MHz448.275 MHz103.5AL'cester/AVL
U37RepeaterN4DWU443.600 MHz448.600 MHz114.8AMt. Mitchell
U38RepeaterAI4M442.000 MHz447.000 MHZ114.8AForest City
U39SimplexARES Talk 1446.000 MHz446.000 MHzAARES Talk About Ch1 UHF
U40Packet WAN (Simplex)#HVL44446.500 MHz446.500 MHzDPacket WAN
U41RepeaterITIN01440.750 MHz445.750 MHz91.5AItinerant Repeater
U42RepeaterITIN02440.800 MHz445.800 MHz100AItinerant Repeater
U43RepeaterKJ4JAL-B442.025 MHz447.025 MHzDD-Star